Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Forty is... Fun? Fabulous? Fantastic?

To all three of my loyal daily readers, I apologize for the recently slim blog pickin's. I said when I started this thing I'd do something with it every day, and for the most part I have. Sometimes you just can't see it. Yesterday, for example, I spent hours uploading photos onto a photo-sharing site. It's going to be so cool once I also figure out how to link it to this blog. Someday I'll get it and boy, won't that be fun? I've also had some ongoing technical difficulties since starting this blog: a fried mother board, a virus, another virus, and a strange thing whereby my computer crashes ala the screen freezing "plaid." Excuses, excuses, I know. Be part of the solution, Lisa. That's what you are thinking, aren't you? I'm doing what I can by sending fistfulls of money to both Dell and the fine folks at Norton. My good computer karma is going to kick in any time now. See? Part of the solution.

Okay, and maybe there is just this one other tiny little thing, which is I can't seem to write anything funny or even mildly amusing when I'm mentally processing something, um, not fun. So perhaps there's been a little of that going on. And I'm pretty sure it could have something to do with my birthday which is now running, screaming down the calendar towards me. I'm going to be forty in just a few short months, you know.

A birthday equally divisible by ten does not just pass quietly by Shelby's Mum. Oh, no. Because that would be easy and for 39-ish years I've not been terribly fond of things (or people) unless they are difficult. Or I used to be until I realized what I was doing, and that 'difficult' is a different way of saying exhausting. If I'm going to be re-evaluating my life-so-far anyway, perhaps I might consider tossing out the philosophy of preferring difficulty? A song lyric rattling around in my head goes... "There's an obvious attraction to the path of least resistance in your life." I'd always thought this was a bad thing. Maybe not. Hmmm. Okay. Yes. Done! I now prefer to do things the easy way. Please alert the media.

I love the idea of seeing my life by the decade, and even naming them. My 20's are called The Sunny Times. That's when I had a lot of fun with my friends, got married, bought a house, and had kids. It was all very nice and cozy, a very good decade indeed. I liked it quite a bit. Then came the 30's which wasn't nearly as much fun, not by a long shot. It seems like, well, not everything, but many things that could fall apart, did. Maybe it should be called the Shit Hits The Fan decade... or Learn Things The Hard Way decade... or the Ignore Yourself And Bail decade... I can't really decide what to call it yet, which is fine because it isn't technically over anyway. I still have two months and 8 days to work it out. On the other hand, the easy way would be to simply say... I'll know. I'll know what to call it when I know. Whew. I like easy.

So I guess that's the 'problem' I've been wrestling with then, isn't it? Finishing up this terrible, er, challenging time and thinking about what I want my 40's decade to be. So far I know I want to have a lot more fun, laugh as much as possible, and release some difficult ideas & ways of doing things (and perhaps people). Oprah says turning 50 is when a women fully comes into her own and knows it. If I'm understanding her correctly, and even God knows how wise Oprah is, then she is suggesting one's 40's are best spent preparing for that. Which sounds really good, actually. Anyone interested in helping me celebrate the End Of Difficulty? I'm planning something...easy.


Susan, of course said...

Of course Forty is Fun, Fabulous and Fantastic!! I only hope Oprah is right about 50.

A party is certainly called for here. Count me in.

Shelby's Mum said...

Oh gosh, Oprah is right about everything! Today's Mission Calendar Inspiration from her holiness: A great thing about getting older is getting your priorities straight. You can stop tap-dancing to everybody else's tune and focus on perfecting your own routine.

I'm so glad to hear you'll be coming to my easy party! You are a total wild woman who makes every gathering a Par-Tay. Just please don't dance on the tables this time, okay?

lar said...

Sorry I'm a bit behind the times. I've been going insane this week getting ready for the arrival of my in-laws (joy!). I've also been very busy with family activities centering around the holidays (Jewish ones, that is). I am now putting in my 2 cents.
The forties are by far the best years of my life yet! They are fabulous, fun, fantastic, freaky, fruitful, fecund, fanciful and sometimes fatuous. I love being forty-something. I would also love to be part of a life-affirming celebration!

Shelby's Mum said...

Well, I'm just glad you're here now! And a belated Happy Birthday to you, LAR! We missed you the other night. Did you get a thesaurus for your special day? ;o)
And a belated Happy Rosh Hashanah to you as well.