Monday, September 05, 2005

What I Would Ask You

I'll begin by saying I have the absolute nicest good-guy of a husband there ever was. He's pure gold, and the envy of several, anyway. I love him very much and honestly couldn't ask for a better husband, father for my children, yadda, yadda... So, what I would ask you is... Ever had the urge to declare a short marital timeout? I don't mean for sexual side trips; I'm talking about something much bigger and more exciting. What I want is to taste the sweet freedom of living my life not by committee once again.

Why? Because the selfish & impatient part of me? The part that just wants to do whatever the hell I want to do? When and how I want to do it? Without explanations, negotiations or compromises? Still isn't dead after fifteen-ish years, she's just quieter.

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