Friday, September 09, 2005

Warm Heart Cockles

Some recent items that have warmed the very cockles of my heart, whatever a cockle is...

* My older daughter took a good look at my new purse and said the handle/strap was "bogus." I'm not a middle-schooler, so I'll just trust her on this one.

* I find it very hopeful & romantic that a woman has agreed to marry Robert Downey Jr. He's adorable and hugely talented, of course, but talk about a guy with some baggage.

* My daughter said "I love having a mom with such great fashion style!" This was after she asked my opinion on which t-shirt she should wear to school the next day. I suggested the one from the science center, pointing out how science and school just naturally go together.


Ken said...

Since I've just now realized this isn't about freshly backed heart-shaped cookies (I skim when I read), my posting about how I love the smell of baking Toll House cookies doesn't seem so apropriate anymore. Next time.

Shelby's Mum said...

Apparently you skim when you type too. Not to worry, I totally understand. I skim when backing.