Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today my baby turns 10 years old. If you see her, please gush and make a big deal out of telling her Happy Birthday, okay? Emily's feeling a little sad because Liz (her idol) is gone on her school's Traverse City trip. I promised her we can do whatever she wants tonight, just the three of us, and that she'd have mom & dad's undivided attention. She wants to go to Red Robin for dinner (shudder) and open presents, so we shall. She's also having a backwards birthday party this weekend, and Liz will be home in time for that.

Right now, at ten, Emily says she wants to be a wedding planner/hair stylist when she grows up. She wants to plan weddings, and then she'll "get to do the bride's hair." Of course the other day she also said "the whole point of weddings is to be uncomfortable" so I kind of wonder about her future clients.

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