Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

Hi Dad,
This is my web log, or in geek speak, blog. I call it Shelby's Mum and it's kind of like an online journal or diary of what's going on. It's all Lisa, all the time. Except for when I talk about other people, places, things or ideas. Anyway, take a look around if you'd like. It's all fairly clean right now, too. But on the off chance you find something you don't like, it's all because of Allyson. She told me to do it.

Did Greg give me that stuffed dog in the above picture? For some reason I think he did... Anyway, I've always especially liked that picture and so that's why I chose it.

Hope you have a Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Believe the dog is a GMI BULLDOG, did Greg go to GMI?

Shelby's Mum said...

Turns out this is a GMI Bulldog, and it probably was Greg's, and maybe I stole it. Or borrowed it. Although it can't be proven now, of course, and I'm sure the statute of limitations has done its thing, which is good because pinning this one on my sister would be tough, since she wasn't born yet...