Sunday, September 11, 2005

Flirting With Spam

I have to say, I rather enjoy my spam. (not really, Ken) I know it's odd to admit, but I do glance at it. (no I don't, hon. I delete it) I'm smart enough not to open it, I just peek at it a bit. (lying. I permanently shift-delete it immediately) Just imagine if it were all real and true? I could double my penis size & stamina, increase & enhance my breasts, remortgage my house for substantially less cost and no cash down, and get high-quality Vicodin mailed right to my home, delivered in a plain brown wrapper that says Not Vicodin on it, all with a keystroke! (of course I made all of that up, sweetie, how would I know what spam offers?)


Anonymous said...

Ooops.... does reading genuine offers of assistance to attract girls count as flirting or enjoying spam? Not really, right?

Shelby's Mum said...

No, no, that's just fine. Might not want to mention it to Ken, though. Either part. He already attracts enough pretty girls.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I guess I goofed, because I sent him straight to that posting. Boy, wait until the mail man comes next week. Or will it be FED EX? Either way, our usual Stepford Wife neighborhood will be crawling with crazed beautiful women. Will they know what brings them here? Or will they have have this uncontrollabe urge to jump in their SUV's and floor it until they get here? What is the range of these pheramones, anyway?