Thursday, September 29, 2005

Canine Hotel

At almost any moment of the day, I can look down and see this. The attitude is "Perimeters are clear, all systems check, how 'bout we take a nap?"

The last few days it's this.

The attitude on the left is "sigh" and the attitude on the right is "Now what are we gonna do, Lisa? Are we going somewhere? Should I go get my bear? chipmunk? unstuffed ferret? tennis ball? your left shoe? Hey! Got any more of those baby carrots?! Carrots! Yay! It's all good! Party! Party! Par-tay!"

Meet Scruffy, whose name I believe is Dutch for persistent little bugger. We're just borrowing him for a few days, so don't get excited. If I ever thought Shelby was needy, I was wrong. She's attentive; this dog is needy. He wants my attention, lots of it, all day long. The only way I can get any writing done is to let him sit in my chair with me. I figured out if I perch towards the front of the seat, then he will wrap his long skinny self around the back of me and rest his chin on my arm. And I can almost type like that. He's very warm and snuggly, so I'm not really complaining. It just took me a day and a half of "Scruffy, get down" to realize if I'd just let him up, we'd both be a lot happier. He'll doze contentedly like that for upwards of ten minutes before he has to jump down and run off to check on Shelby again. Notice I said he has to run. Scruffy doesn't really walk much because running is better, faster and louder. I give him a lot of credit, though. Scruffy lives life to its full-tilt-boogie biggest & best. It's true what they say about short guys, they really do try a lot harder.

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