Monday, September 26, 2005

Bringer Of The Bacon (and Bread)

Ken knows I've been a little, um, grumpy lately, so today on his way home he surprised me by picking up a special treat. He brought home two orders of fresh, delicious bread from Real Seafood, my favorite. In case you don't know? This is hot, buttery, garlicy Muir bread, aka, perfection in bread form. We sat in my office and ate it with even more butter and it was very, very good, indeed. Low carb? Hell, no. Yummy? Definitely. Both the bread and the bringer.


Ken said...

Whoa. I like this blog feedback. I'm incentivized to bring more treats now.

Joan said...

I love Ken's languagement. He could get a job with the county if he keeps this up.