Friday, September 09, 2005

A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood

As I was zipping through my neighborhood today, I managed to see two of my favorite people.

First, was a guy I call Hot Neighborhood Dad. I choose to not know him as a person because 1.) I don't need to, and 2.) I prefer the fantasy. What if I got to know him and he turned out to be dull or insensitive or yells or is a non-recycler or something else unforgivably not-hot? It's not worth the risk; I prefer my beefcake mysterious and full of potential. Today he was with his dog. Usually that would be a bonus in my book, but his dog turned out to be one of those small, low-to-the-ground, fluffy white things. He patiently stood there all sexy & manly, holding Zsa Zsa's tiny flaccid leash while she did her business. It was tricky to do while driving, but I managed to mentally PhotoShop a chocolate lab in her place. Fantasy intact.

Second, I passed by one of my 'best friends' while driving. We laugh about how silly it is to be all grown-up and still designating our friends this way, but she is. We waved at the same time and I could see her face as we passed. She is always genuinely happy to see me and the feeling is mutual. We've been friends for years and are very secure in our relationship, so we didn't stop. As she continued on her way I silently hoped she would catch a nice glimpse of HND too.


Jane again said...

Your impressive but somewhat disturbing use of the word flaccid is appropriate for me today: I was just lamenting the fact that my healthy flax waffles won't get crispy in the toaster; they're all floppy no matter how long you toast them. I hate flax-cid waffles.

Anonymous said...

WHO IS the HND? I'm going to have to call you to find out. Or drive around the Hood to guess. Give me a hint: were you driving Liz or Em to school? This will help narrow it down. I hope he lets Zsa Zsa out every morning at the same time.